• Blackout image
  • Image: Tim Bishop.


Performance  |  2019

Blackout is a unique, immersive, new performance work for one person at a time by artist Tim Bishop. The work takes place in complete darkness and uses spatial audio and haptic feedback to create a multi-sensory and evocative environment for a powerfully self-reflective experience. A voice and physical guide encourage participants on an introspective journey without visual stimuli. The work uses sound, touch and interaction to engage with perceptions of physical and virtual contexts, and to reflect on each participant's own unique presence in the universe.


Blackout premiered at Dunkers kulturhus in December 2019 before dates at Stenkrossen, Lund in January 2020 and Inter Arts Center, Malmö in June 2021. The work was commissioned by Mono Festival of One-to-One Performance and is supported by Lunds kommun, BoostHbg, Sennheiser electronic GmbH and Lund University Humanities Lab.