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Untitled Piece

One-to-One Performance  |  2011

Untitled Piece is a mixed-media, intimate and immersive performance for one participant at a time. The work is made in collaboration with each audience member and is based around personal and collective memories of the seaside. Using the notion of the ‘journey’, the participant and I take a literal journey through the routines of seaside bathing (from changing in the beach hut to washing off salt water under the beach-front shower) as well as a metaphorical journey, dipping into our memories of seaside spaces. Water is used in the performance as both a specific site for locating memories and as an immersive medium through which to recall and create them, generating a unique performance event for each participant.


Untitled Piece was created as a final-year research project for my BA Drama degree at the University of Bristol, UK. It was performed in the University’s Department of Drama in June 2011.

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  • Bristol, 2011.
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