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rhythmical symbol

Computer Installation  |  2013

rhythmical symbol is a one-minute installation for your computer. A ubiquitous flashing cursor invites you to imagine the endless possibilities of the blank page/screen. You can choose to watch, think and imagine or to input characters and words into the application. Entered content is saved as a text file which is either overwritten by subsequent runs of the installation or can be actively saved by the user.

The work is an attempt to reclaim the ‘personal’ prefix in ‘personal computer’ by focusing on the private encounter with the computer interface, rather than the social. In the endless stream of micro-blogging on websites such as Facebook and Twitter, the installation offers an alternative platform that can be both private and ephemeral; limited by time, not character limits.


At the end of the installation a text file entitled ‘possible’ will be saved in the same folder as the application. This file contains any content typed into the installation. To save the file it needs to be renamed and/or moved to another location, otherwise it will be overwritten on subsequent runs of the installation.

The Return key on your computer keyboard will lock the application's text box. Click with the mouse to unlock and continue typing.

To leave feedback about the installation or to report any problems, please email me.