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11001 rhythm

Single-Channel Moving Image  |  2010

A serialist moving image work created by appropriating Modernist composer Arnold Schoenberg’s "method of composing with twelve tones which are related only with one another"1. Using Schoenberg’s methodology as a basis, the work is constructed from twenty-five images structured and manipulated in accordance with a random, computer-generated sequence. Each image in the work shows a circle or line found in natural and human-made landscapes. In this way, the work becomes a binary sequence of ‘ones’ and ‘zeros’, forming both a digitisation of the analogue landscape and a visualisation of Schoenberg’s approach to music.

1 Arnold Schoenberg, Style and Idea (London: Williams and Norgate Ltd, 1951)


11001 rhythm was first screened at the Wickham Theatre, Bristol, UK in October 2010. It has since been shown at Stockholm Fringe Festival (Stoff) in Sweden, Oslo Screen Festival in Norway, Experimental Art Meeting in Romania, and both Moscow International Film Festival and Symposium GLOBAL MEDIA in Russia.

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